Season's greetings from us all at Foremarke!

Why not try your festive and general knowledge on our traditional Christmas Quiz, back by popular demand!

All highest scores will be entered into a draw to win an Awesome Adventures Smartbox giving access to one of 570 adventure experiences for one or two people, including driving thrills, flying experiences and much more!

Small print stuff: organiser's decision is final, no cash alternative, please keep your comments clean in the tie breaker at the end.

Competition closes and final results 18:00 6 January 2020.


Welcome to the Foremarke Christmas Quiz 2019

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In which Christmas movie does Donald Trump make a brief appearance?

What was the first Christmas song broadcast from space?

What is the most common name for a pub in England?

Who does Nicola Sturgeon cite as her greatest influence?

Traditionally, after kissing someone under the mistletoe, what should you then remove?

What did the Killers demand that the Man in Red not do to them, back in 2007?

Tom Jones had a Christmas number one with which hit in 1966?

Which record was a Christmas No.1 in 1975 and 1991?

'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas', was sung by Judy Garland in which 1944 MGM musical?

The mobile phone throwing championships are held every year in Finland. To what did one recent winner put his success down to?

How much does a baby blue whale gain per day in its first year?

Of whom did a teacher write in their school report card: "I have never met anybody who so persistently writes words meaning the exact opposite of what is intended."?

What do Swedish blood donors receive when their blood is used?

What type of creature was Boris the subject of in a song by The Who?

After an online vote in 2011, Toyota announced that the official plural of Prius was...?

Which sporting discipline did Elvis Presley practice and use on stage?

Who co-wrote 'Do They Know It's Christmas' with Bob Geldof in 1984?

Tiebreaker: Give us a suitably witty caption for this picture!