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On what day in January did the World Health Organization announce that the deadly virus had emerged from Wuhan?

For what was Trump impeached (and then acquitted) on 5 February?

On 9 February a British Airways Boeing 747 aircraft made the fastest ever subsonic New York JFK to London Heathrow crossing, achieved in 4 hours 56 minutes. It reached ground speeds of up to 825 mph by riding the jet stream caused by what?

On 20 February a new £20 polymer banknote entered circulation, featuring the face of...?

Which movie won Best Picture and Best Director (among others) at the Oscars?

On 6 May the National Assembly for Wales became, what...?

A group allegedly spearheaded by a Florida teen took over the Twitter accounts of prominent business and political figures — including Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Kanye West - in a scam involving what?

On 19 May it was announced that Captain Tom Moore, who had raised money for NHS charities by walking round his garden, was to be knighted for his fundraising efforts. At that stage, how much had he raised?

On 5 June the BBC announced who as its new Director-General, effective from 1 September 2020?

Argos announced an end to its printed catalogue, after nearly how many years of publication?

At the 2020 Eifel Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton equalled Michael Schumacher's record of how many Formula One Grand Prix wins?

Two lovable Labradors gave a sports-less world some adorable "athletic" competition in videos narrated by British broadcaster Andrew Cotter. What were their names?

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